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Rabbit Boarding at The Rabbit Shop
Rabbit Boarding at The Rabbit Shop

Phone: 9317 6615


Welcome to our Rabbit Boarding site!

The Rabbit Shop offers a wide range of boarding types, available for viewing on the Services & Prices page above. We are dedicated to looking after your furry friends while you are away, so both you and your bunnies can relax. Please email or call us for a boarding form.

Everyone is fed Thompson and Redwood Rabbit and Guinea Pig pellets in Rabbit Shop's own Grass Mix - the best ones you can get that aren’t imported from the U.S.A., unless other food is specified.

Carrots fed daily, and constantly available, and we also feed chinese greens such as choy sum, kai lan and bok choi twice daily, in the morning and at night. When available, broccoli leaves and celery tops are added for an exciting twist on their daily routine!

Fresh water is provided in either a bowl or a bottle at all times. Please tell us what your animal prefers so we can accommodate their preferences. Creature comforts are encouraged so that your pets can feel at home whilst they stay with us.

Whilst in boarding, we can provide your animals with a range of grooming procedures including nail clips, clipping, brushing, cleaning rear ends and cleaning eyes and ears. Veterinary procedures are also available, but appointments must be booked. This includes teeth checks, vaccinations and other procedures as necessary.

Upon arrival your animal receives a health check, and vaccinations should be up to date - this includes panacur against E.cuniculi (head tilt).

Animals are observed everyday for general wellbeing and if any sickness or soft faeces noticed, the vet will be notified immediately. Following this we will call you to fill you in on what has happened and how you want to proceed. If we can’t reach you, then we will take note of the boarding disclaimer form underneath the submitted boarding form. Please make sure that you read this and fill in accordingly upon arrival.

If you have any queries regarding your beloved pets’ stay, or any questions about costing, please speak to one of the friendly staff who will be able to answer any questions you have; contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

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